Work Anniversary: Rebecca Coote

Here at Gouldson Legal we are proud to employ a team of experts, who really care about the outcomes of our clients – from our dedicated administration staff all the way through to our senior legal team.

We think that workplace culture plays a very important role in the overall success of our firm and the experience of our clients – team members who enjoy coming to work and like where they work are always going to go above and beyond. That is why we put such strong emphasis on who we hire and how they fit into our team – they have to care about the work they do and the experience of their clients as much as the rest of us do!

We’re proud of the team that we have built and that fact that we all actually like coming to work, we’re also proud that so many of our team stick around for the long-haul!

For example, our Marketing Manager, Rebecca Coote has been with our firm for 3 years today (6th of May 2017)! So we decided to see why she has stuck around and what she is looking forward to in the future.

Catching up with Bec to reflect on her 3 years at Gouldson Legal

Bec hard at work

What is your favourite thing about working at Gouldson Legal?

I have two favourite things, sorry!

The first one is the people – we have an AMAZING team and our office is a great environment to work in, it’s great to actually enjoy working with the people you work with (we’ve all had jobs where this isn’t the case I’m sure).

When I first started with the firm I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and even now I get the ‘oh, a law firm – working with lawyers can’t be much fun’ comments, but it’s just honestly not the case – our lawyers are all great to work with and our team actually care about their clients and understand how important each individual result is, something I think is reflective of the firm’s small business roots.

The second one is being able to get in and really develop the branding and marketing and build out everything we do with our brand and overall strategy in mind. I love that every area of our marketing program sings the same tune and works hard towards the same overarching goals. This is something that only comes from starting with a really solid foundation (which takes time) and consistently questioning how any new activity fits into the overall marketing program, reflects the brand and helps kick some major goals!

I’m also a sucker for data, so I actually love getting into our internal data and finding ways to use this to inform and shape our program and efforts.

Pretty sure that was three things, but I honestly couldn’t pick just one!

What was the firm like when you started?

Really different, especially in terms of the marketing program and the size of the firm – we were a much smaller firm back then. We’ve grown a lot in my 3 years and we still have awesome team members who have been with the firm since before I started – which I think is always a great sign for any workplace!

The firm was also, generally speaking, doing a lot less in the marketing space – and these efforts weren’t really driven by an overall strategy or supported by a clear brand identity. The main marketing efforts when I started were working hard to try and carve out some space in a super competitive market, but it was (and still is) a REALLY hard game so the firm was struggling in a sense to build this up and kick goals in terms of growth.

How has the firm changed in your time here?

In a lot of ways! We have grown, massively, which has been really exciting to be a part of. It’s been great to see how much the firm values internal promotion and progression – I have seen a number of experienced legal assistants finish their legal studies and step up as new lawyers, as well as existing lawyers move into more senior roles, reflective of their experience and skills.

Our marketing program has also really grown (and kicked some major goals) which has been really rewarding for myself personally, as well as the firm. We have expanded our marketing in almost every direction, and have worked with some of our clients to share their inspiring stories – which is really one of my favourite parts of the role.

What hasn’t changed is the small business mindset – at the end of the day, the firm continues to offer a personalised service in an area that always needs a considerate and personalised touch – something I think many firms lose sight of these days.

What are you looking forward to in your coming year with Gouldson Legal?

Continuing to grow the firm and refine our marketing program, especially in the digital space, making sure everything we’re doing is working hard for the firm. I’m also looking forward to finding new, more effective ways to do things using our internal data. I think many businesses these days (not just law firms) forget that they have a figurative ‘pot of gold’ in terms of their internal historical data.

For me, it’s always about setting goals and kicking them out of the park – I love a challenge, so continuing to push our marketing program to constantly improve (and reaching some more major goals) is something I’m always looking forward to!

How do you spend your time away from the office?

DIYing – it’s currently my life!

My partner and I bought a house earlier in the year so my time away from work consists of renovating every room in our ‘new’ house and turning it from something very dated and in need of MAJOR TLC (I’m talking cream everything and holes in most walls) into a beautiful home! I’m looking forward to a much needed holiday when we’re finally finished!

A big thank-you to Rebecca Coote for catching up with us to answer these questions! If you would like to know more about our team, you can check us all out here.

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