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At Gouldson Legal, we’re resolute in our goal to deliver the highest level of legal service to Queenslanders. We believe we have an important role to play in guiding our clients along the precarious road to justice; making the journey as smooth as possible; and helping them arrive at their rightful destination. We believe in giving you a voice and ensuring your side is heard above the dull roar of legal process.

To do this, we listen. We ask questions. We get to know you and your situation in much greater depth than most law firms; in this way only can we claim to truly represent you. We do not aim to be good at what we do – we’re determined to be great.

Our innovative approach is driven by Faran Gouldson, the Director of Gouldson Legal. His journey in the industry has been an interesting one, having determined early on that he wanted his firm to focus on the people behind the paperwork. In 1999 Faran, in partnership with Kerry Shine commenced practice as Shine Gouldson Lawyers, Kerry having started Shine Lawyers in 1974 and Faran having practiced alongside Kerry since 1991. In 2004 Kerry left the firm to take up a parliamentary position, going on to be the Attorney-General for Queensland. Faran, now the sole proprietor, rebranded the firm as Gouldson Legal.

Throughout this journey Faran remained true to his focus on the people behind the paperwork. Throughout the entirety of his career he has provided exemplary legal service to his clients, on a No Win No Fee Basis. He, and his team of specialist lawyers, are devoted to investigating every case individually, ensuring their clients understand every step of the process and receive the best possible result. We are proud to provide a unique, personalised approach to legal representation, stepping away from the generic, one-fit models utilised by the larger firms.

At Gouldson Legal we know this case is not just a number to you, and it isn’t to us. We will assist you, wherever we can, to ensure that you get back on your feet. Our innovative, people-focused approach is underpinned by three commitments, which direct everything we do:

  • We don’t represent cases. We represent people.
  • We keep in contact. You’ll never be left in the dark.
  • We work harder and smarter to get the best result for you. Not us. You.
Gouldson Lawyers - Tom and Katie Interview 3

Katie and Tom’s Story

Our client Katie was just out for a run when the worst happened. Katie and her husband Tom share the story of the day everything changed.

Free Injury Super Check

Have you experienced an accident or suffered an injury? You may be able to submit a TTD or TPD Superannuation Claim, to help you get back on your feet.

Why Choose Us?

Because at Gouldson Legal we know that a case is more than just facts on paper. We have built our processes around you, our fee cap is 20% lower than other firms and our No Win No Fee Guarantee applies to every case.

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