Rhonda’s Story

Rhonda was no stranger to tough times…

Diagnosed with breast cancer 30 years ago, she won the long battle and came out the other end cancer-free. After beating the disease, Rhonda had breast augmentation surgery and things began to look up as her life started to return to normal.

Years on, Rhonda’s breast implants began to leak and what should have been a simple procedure to replace the existing implants turned into an ordeal of three surgeries in total. Not only was Rhonda left physically disfigured as a result of the excessive surgeries, her mental health declined and everyday felt like more of an uphill struggle than the last. The culmination of stress, anxiety, physical discomfort and general frustration of the process led Rhonda to a nervous breakdown.

When her sister-in-law mentioned that people need to held accountable for their actions in these types of scenarios, Rhonda knew she needed to do something. After contacting three legal firms who chose not to help, Rhonda was in touch with Kane from Gouldson Legal. From day one, she noted the genuine empathy from the team and that it wasn’t about the money, it was about the case and getting the best possible outcome to make life easier for Rhonda and her husband.

“It really felt as if we mattered and we weren’t just there as another number; they were concerned about us, our welfare, and the outcome”

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