Kerrie’s Story

Every day, millions of Australians get into their car…

We drive to work, drive to the supermarket, and drive to appointments on the other side of town. We take our safety on the roads for granted far more often than not, and put that safety in the hands of all other drivers too. For Kerrie, it was just another day until it wasn’t.

As she turned right, she vividly remembers spotting a car driving around the corner and seeing the female driver lose control. In the blink of an eye, Kerrie’s knees were through the dash and the nose of her vehicle was crumpled like it was a piece of crepe paper.

In the aftermath, Kerrie’s shock set in and while she doesn’t recall feeling pain, she does remember the one voice that came through clearly in the commotion; her husband, Bernie.

Bernie was on his way home for the day and was stopped in his tracks by the accident that had taken place. Seeing the situation in a completely unfiltered and traumatic light as they pulled Kerrie from the wreckage, Bernie was in a state of shock himself but he was the voice that Kerrie needed so desperately to hear.

The repercussions of the accident were far from smooth for Kerrie. Suffering from an unreliable memory as the result of a significant head injury meant discovering who she was and what she was capable of from a whole new perspective.

Kerrie waited for her recovery to improve. She waited to feel any semblance of normal life again but the headaches continued and the road to feeling ‘well’ was lonely and difficult to navigate. Kerrie received no help from her insurance company throughout the process. It wasn’t until she reached out to Gouldson Legal and spoke with Kane that her hope was renewed.

“I have nothing but admiration and thanks for Kane; he was there every step of the way and kept me going when things got rough.”

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