Client Stories

Katie and Tom

Our client Katie was just out for a jog when a car mounted the curb and hit her.

She and her husband Tom share the story of the day everything changed, working with us and where they are now.


Mother of 3 Michelle was driving home with her kids when she was hit by another car at speed.

You can read her first hand account of the accident, recovery and find out how she and her family are doing now.

Dan and Deb

Dan and Deb are two of the bravest people we have ever met.

They have re-built their lives after Dan suffered a serious workplace accident, resulting in a spinal injury.


Our client Kerrie was involved in a horrifying car accident that left her with memory loss, head injuries and more.

Watch her share her story, the impact the accident had on her life and her road to recovery.


Battling breast cancer, beating it, and then suffering complications from subsequent breast augmentation surgeries is just the start of our client Rhonda’s story.

Watch her tell her story and how it impacted her and her husband’s lives.

At Gouldson Legal we don’t represent cases. We represent people.

We have built our service methods around you, the client. We have carefully considered what matters to you and ensured that these elements come first. Throughout the legal process you will get to know your lawyer (and their assistant) pretty well, and they will know you; your concerns, expectations and how the case has affected your life. That is why we are so proud of our successes, because we are invested in your outcome.

Over the past 15 years our team has helped thousands and thousands of people through the legal claims minefield. We know we are pretty great at what we do; because that is what we hear from our clients. We have often represented individuals in a variety of legal proceedings throughout their life; once they experience our people-focused approach, nothing else will do.

We are proud of what we have done for many people, but don’t just take out word for it; find out what many clients have had to say about their experience with us!


I was relieved to have Kaine and the team at Gouldson Legal handle this stressful situation for me. As a result of their efforts, my claim was settled in a way that exceeded my expectations. The support and guidance provided to me was invaluable in rebuilding my life.


Carl Hughes and the team have been fabulous!

Thanks again for the support in handling my case.


Thank you so very much! Myself and partner can’t thank Kaine enough for everything he has done for me during this time as it wasn’t easy at all, but we are so very pleased to finally put this behind us and move forward!!

Thank you so so much Kaine, we truly appreciate everything you’ve done!!


Your attitude towards me was very fair and human, having in mind that my English is very poor, I did not for one moment felt discrimination in this regard, on the contrary, you were full of understanding.

Thank you very much.


My wife and I were happy with the outcome. My case was complex but you helped me understand everything.

Your firm achieved an outcome that helps give us our lives back. We are forever appreciative.


Firstly your legal representation has been nothing short of 110%… I would not have trouble recommending you to anyone and I would not hesitate using your firm again if required in the future.

I thank Kaine, Faran and any others who have helped to get a win for the little guy.


I would like to thank Shane for his excellent service. He’s been incredible during the whole process.