We are an innovative, people-focused firm and we are here to answer your questions.

Having practised only in QLD Law since inception, we know every inch of QLD practice inside and out. Not only can we address the questions and concerns you have, we know which questions most of our clients want the answers to; before they ask them.

We know that legal proceedings can be daunting; there is thoughts of cost, time, process and results. How can you know that you will be treated fairly and never end up in a more difficult financial situation? Well, we guarantee it.

At Gouldson Legal we work on a No Win, No Fee Policy, for every client, every case. This means if you are unsuccessful, you will not be charged. This gives you the peace of mind to pursue legal avenues without fearing financial loss.

With this in mind we can also address some of these other FAQs that our clients ask us, below you will find the answers to these. If you have a question that is not outlined here, please contact our team and ask away; we are happy to answer any legal and case questions that you have!

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are unable to return to work due to illness or disability, you may be entitled to benefits though your life insurance, superannuation or income protection policies. We can also investigate other options for you, that may assist you getting back on your feet.

Please Note: The Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002(PIPA) restricts the advertising of personal injury services by legal practitioners, hence the lack of specific, injury related information on this page. Please refer to our Legal Services page for more information.

In circumstances where the action, or inaction of another party causes you to suffer loss, you may be entitled to claim for these loses. You are entitled to claim for the loss or damage you have sustained. This could be loss of income, expenses, rectification costs and any other financial loss.

We are aware that a legal process can be daunting, especially if it is unfamiliar to you. While you are thinking about the loss you have sustained and what this means for your future you can be comforted by the fact that your financial situation will never be negatively impacted by Gouldson Legal.

We operate on a No Win, No Fee Policy; meaning that you will not have to pay for our services, if your claim is unsuccessful. Your lawyer will ensure you are aware of what you can claim and what you need to supply to us during this process. They will ensure that you get back on your feet and regain your financial security.

Gouldson Legal operates on a No Win No Fee basis. Meaning that, for no charge, a qualified expert Lawyer will meet with you, answer your questions and discuss the merits of your claim. When you proceed with the claim, you will only be charged if you succeed in proving your claim. Our professional fees are charged at a competitive rate, not a percentage of your outcome. Those fees are capped at a maximum of 30% of your final outcome ensuring you won’t be left wanting.

Every claim is as individual as the person making it. There are many variables with every case that can shorten or prolong the time is takes for a decision to be made, or the claim to be finalised. To speed up the process, ensure you lodge a claim as soon as possible and that you have accurate and detailed records at hand. Contact Gouldson Legal to find out what else you can do to fast track your claims process.

This is a question ever client asks, and it is a question that is impossible for any lawyer to answer accurately at such an early stage. The extent of your outcome will depend entirely upon your situation and its consequences on your circumstances. There are many factors which contribute to assessment of the value of your claim, and we know that ever claim is as individual as the person making it. This will be an important issue for you, so contact one of our expert lawyers to discuss your claim as strict time limits apply.

Quite simply: We will investigate your case, if we advise that you have no claim, there will be no charge. No Win = No Fee. Simple. If you proceed, we will only charge you if your claim is successful. We also agree to cap our professional fees at a maximum of 30% of your outcome, a notably lower cap amount than the majority of other firms.

Yes. Strict time limits apply to all types of claims, you have 3 years within which to issue Court proceedings. Generally, you will need to lodge a Notice of Claim in one of the relevant pre-court processes on all parties you consider contributed to causing your loss. This must be done within varying periods depending upon the type of claim but can be as soon as within 9 months of the incident or circumstance causing your loss, or 1 month after retaining a lawyer or within 3 months in certain cases. Contact Gouldson Legal as soon as possible to ensure your claim is not held up should complications arise.