At Gouldson Legal, we’re proud of our culture, and of the care we take for each and every client. It’s what makes us different from other legal firms; our commitment to the people behind the paperwork. Our clients. Our employees.

And, our community.

We believe in community, supporting ours when and how we can. In 2015, we connected with Burnslife as our charity partner to provide them much needed fundraising support. We also wanted to enable our Gouldson team to give something back, too.

Why Burnslife?

We were introduced to Burnslife when a past client, who had suffered terrible burns in an accident, turned that experience into an opportunity to help others. During her recovery, Charlotte and her partner Andrew, realised that something was missing for burns victims in the rehabilitation and recovery process. Things other than medical assistance – like home assistance, educational and emotional support from people who knew what they were going through – burns survivors.

Burnslife assists burns patients and their families on their road through rehabilitation to recovery through peer support and education. Formed in 2015, Burnslife works to facilitate a positive support network while in hospital and transition from hospital to home, helping patients (and their families), adjust to life after burns.

Burnslife is unique in that burns survivors return to support people who have suffered burn injuries, to support and assist them during their treatment and rehabilitation, to deal with all the things you have to deal with when you’re first injured, and to map out a plan for getting on with life as a burns survivor.

How we fundraise

We’ve helped Burnslife raise $76,573.14 during our time together. We have two primary fundraising initiatives:

Bridge to Brisbane

Each year, the Gouldson team are encouraged to participate in the Bridge to Brisbane (B2B). Almost all our staff attempt to walk, run, (or crawl) the 10km.

The B2B is Burnslife’s major annual fundraiser, so the event is the biggest focus for them (and us) to raise much needed money for the burns ward and the work they do. Our first B2B event in 2016 saw a mix of Gouldson staff and their families participate to support the cause. It’s such a big, kind, motivating gesture to see everyone get behind the charity – especially when it means getting up before dawn in winter to run 10km!

As well as participating and fundraising in the B2B, we additionally have been the major sponsor for Burnslife for this fundraising event.

client contributions

We ask clients who have had a successful claim outcome in their compensation case if they’d like to donate to Burnslife. Many of our clients make significant contributions to this fabulous cause.

With so much research proving that being generous makes people happier, we’re not surprised we get such a positive response.

We match client’s contributions

Thirdly, we commit to either match or exceed our client’s donations for an additional boost. This is something we as a firm are extremely proud of, and plan to continue doing for years to come.

How you can help

The Burnslife support group will continue helping people (and their families) going through the burns recovery process to manage daily life. It’s an incredible organisation and the work they do continues to inspire us, so we want to continue supporting them long-term, too!

Each year we try to lift the bar a notch or two to help raise vital funds for this much needed and valued program. Like to help us?

You can find out more about Burnslife here.