Work Anniversary: Amanda Ghion

Here at Gouldson Legal we are proud to employ a team of experts, who really care about the outcomes we achieve for our clients – from our dedicated administration staff all the way through to our senior legal team.

We think that workplace culture plays a very important role in the overall success of our firm and the experience of our clients – team members who enjoy coming to work and like where they work are always going to go above and beyond. That is why we put such strong emphasis on who we hire and how they fit into our team – they have to care about the work they do and the experience of their clients as much as the rest of us do!

We’re proud of the team that we have built and that fact that we all actually like coming to work, we’re also proud that so many of our team stick around for the long-haul!

For example, our Receptionist, Amanda Ghion, has been with our firm one year today (4th of July 2017)! So we decided to see why she has stuck around and what she is looking forward to in the future.

Catching up with Amanda to reflect on her year at Gouldson Legal

Amanda working at her desk

What is your favourite thing about working at Gouldson Legal?
One of my favourite things about the firm would have to be the people that I work with. Everyone is very welcoming, helpful and friendly, both Lawyers and the Assistants. I like the variety of work that I do in my role each day, every day is different, which is something that I really enjoy. I love the client contact, whether it be over the phone and or in person. I am a people person, so being able to help out and ensure that our clients feel cared for and important is a part of my role that I really enjoy.

Our office dogs have become a part of our team, which I absolutely adore (who wouldn’t?). Hugo and Harriet are our boss’s dogs, they make me smile each day they are here and bring a lot of happiness to our already happy office!!

What was the firm like when you started?
Though I have not been here for a long period, I have already seen a lot of changes in the firm! The firm was smaller in size when I first arrived – with a different structure and about 5 less team members.

When I first started we weren’t quite as busy as we are now – it was good to be able to settle into my role before things got really busy, but now I really enjoy the busyness of our firm day to day.

It’s good to have full, busy days where I get to do what I love!

How has the firm changed in your time here?
I have really seen the firm grow over the year I have been here, and with that growth has come some great changes within the firm.

We have recently implemented a new structure to accommodate our growth and change – which also ensures that our team is continuing to develop in their roles and expand their skills, which I think is important. Personally I have seen a lot of change in my role and I’ve really enjoyed learning more and growing professionally along with the firm!

What are you looking forward to in your coming year with Gouldson Legal?
I can see that we will only keep growing as a firm, which means more growth and change for us all personally. I really like that there are continual opportunities for professional development – I get to learn new things as the firm expands and it’s great to have new challenges!

I’m looking forward to seeing what this change will bring my way. I have had the opportunity to really make this role my own and I look forward to attacking new challenges within my role as they come along!

How do you spend your time away from the office?
Like most people I love spending quality time with friends and family – out at new places or just hanging out at home. I really enjoy cooking, learning new recipes and making old favourites – I’m Italian so I’m a sucker for a great pasta (and a good red wine!).

I enjoy camping at the beach and enjoy reading positive books that put a smile on my face, as well as practising yoga and meditation – anything to ground and centre me.

I like to watch weird and different documentaries! You can always find me scrolling through Stan & SBS doco’s trying to find something new (and often very bizarre!).

Amanda working at her desk in the afternoon

A big thank-you to Amanda for catching up with us to answer these questions! If you would like to know more about our team, you can check us all out here.

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