Work Anniversary: Rebecca Oslar

Here at Gouldson Legal we are proud to employ a team of experts, who really care about the outcomes of our clients – from our dedicated administration staff all the way through to our senior legal team.

We think that workplace culture plays a very important role in the overall success of our firm and the experience of our clients – team members who enjoy coming to work and like where they work are always going to go above and beyond. That is why we put such strong emphasis on who we hire and how they fit into our team – they have to care about the work they do and the experience of their clients as much as the rest of us do!

We’re proud of the team that we have built and that fact that we all actually like coming to work, we’re also proud that so many of our team stick around for the long-haul!

For example, one of our Legal Assistants, Rebecca Oslar has been with our firm for one year today (18th of April 2018)! So we decided to see why she has stuck around and what she is looking forward to in the future.


Catching up with Rebecca to reflect on her first year at Gouldson Legal

Rebecca Oslar has been with us a year today!

How is Gouldson Legal different to other places you’ve worked at?
Gouldson Legal is a lot smaller than other firms I’ve worked at, which has actually been a nice change. Being a smaller firm means our team is a lot more close knit, which is great!

We also get regular visits from Faran’s fluffy pals (his dogs, Hugo and Harriet) which is AMAZING! It’s always fun to have them in the office and they really perk everyone up – those are my favourite days in the office! It’s also an option open to the rest of the team – we can bring our dogs in as well, although I don’t bring in Bentley (my dog) as he is quite boisterous and would probably eat everyone’s lunch haha.

We definitely didn’t have dogs in the office at any other firms that I’ve worked at, which I think is reflective of the smaller firm and the approach to work at Gouldson, it’s a great balance of fun and work, and having more perks (like the office dogs) I think makes everyone work a little harder.

How would you describe the culture at Gouldson Legal in 5 words?
Honest, friendly, encouraging, progressive and rewarding.

What is your favourite thing about your role at Gouldson Legal?
My favourite thing about my role here at Gouldson Legal is definitely the people that I work with! I have a great team that I work with and really like getting to know everyone in the office!

I also love the way our solicitors genuinely care about each of our clients, doing everything that they can to get them the best result possible!

How do you think the firm, and your role, will change in the coming year?
With the firm continuously growing, we are moving to a new office later this year which will be a nice change of scenery! I hear that there will be an outdoor deck, pool table and more, which will be really fun for our Friday afternoons and lunch breaks.

We also have a new staff member joining our team in the coming weeks, which we’re all very excited about!

Most importantly, where are you planning your next holiday?!
We’ve just come back from our honeymoon in Hawaii, so we haven’t made any concrete plans yet. I would love to go back to Prague or to the Maldives, but I’d have to convince my husband first!

A big thank-you to Rebecca for catching up with us to answer these questions! If you would like to know more about our team, you can check us all out here.

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