Work Anniversary: Brigitta Smith

Here at Gouldson Legal we are proud to employ a team of experts, who really care about the outcomes we achieve for our clients – from our dedicated administration staff all the way through to our senior legal team.

We think that workplace culture plays a very important role in the overall success of our firm and the experience of our clients – team members who enjoy coming to work and like where they work are always going to go above and beyond. That is why we put such strong emphasis on who we hire and how they fit into our team – they have to care about the work they do and the experience of their clients as much as the rest of us do!

We’re proud of the team that we have built and that fact that we all actually like coming to work, we’re also proud that so many of our team stick around for the long-haul!

For example, our Law Graduate, Brigitta Smith, has been with our firm four years today (1st of July 2017)! So we decided to see why she has stuck around and what she is looking forward to in the future.

Catching up with Brigitta to reflect on her four years at Gouldson Legal

Brigitta hard at work

What is your favourite thing about working at Gouldson Legal?
My favourite thing about Gouldson Legal is definitely the people and the firm’s culture. We are a very young and vibrant group and we know how to work hard and how to have a good time. We are not only work colleagues but friends too.

Being surrounded by amazing people each day makes it so easy to come into the office and do the work that is required. We all understand that everyone has a role to play and no one is made to feel less than anyone else.

The newly implemented office dogs policy also adds and extra incentive and another layer to our team!

What was the firm like when you started?
The firm was in a growth and transformation stage when I first started. We had a slightly different office structure and the size of the firm was a bit smaller.

How has the firm changed in your time here?
We have always put our client’s first in all that we do, but I feel that our new office structure and our new policies are allowing us to go above and beyond for our clients.

During my four years at Gouldson Legal I have been able to complete my Bachelor of Justice (Criminology & Policing) and my Bachelor of Laws (Honours) which means I have been able to move from an Administrative role, into a Legal Assistant position and into my current role as a Law Graduate. Once I have finished my final Practical Legal Training subjects, I will be able to progress further into a Solicitor’s role.

Although studying full time and working full time was not the most enjoyable thing in the world (let’s be honest, it was hell most of the time), I am so thankful that I have been able to get the real world experience over the last four years. I couldn’t think of a better place to work either!

What are you looking forward to in your coming year with Gouldson Legal?
I am excited to start learning the ins and outs of quantifying and settling files now that I have finished my undergraduate studies. Our new office structure means that I get to work closely with the more senior lawyers in the office, who will offer me guidance for my first years as a Lawyer!

How do you spend your time away from the office?
I enjoy my down time away from work. Catching up with friends, watching TV, movies or reading a book is my idea of a good time.


A big thank-you to Brigitta for catching up with us to answer these questions! If you would like to know more about our team, you can check us all out here.

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