The Burnslife Charity Day at Brothers!

As you might have seen, we spent Saturday afternoon down at Brothers Rugby Club with another organisation we’re incredibly proud to support – Burnslife, an initiative of the RBWH Foundation.

It was a great day! Burnslife had a great time getting to know the community of players and families down at Brothers, and had the opportunity to share more about what they do, as well as burns first aid information – a major focus for them and for National Burns Awareness Month (which is this month – read more about that here).

We we’re touched by how many of the Brothers families came up to meet the Burnslife team, as well as the donations they made to this incredible organisation.

The day itself was, we feel, an important opportunity to connect two important organisations, who do so much for their communities – in different, but vital ways.

Brothers is an grassroots organisation we’ve been proud to support for quite some time – in fact our renewed co-major sponsorship this year (alongside Ray White Ascot) marks a decade of sponsorship! This is a milestone we’re very proud of, in fact, we recently sat down with our Director, Faran Gouldson, to ask him a few questions about his sponsorship of the Club and why it’s so important to him.

In his own words:

“Brother’s ruby union has been an organisation close and dear to my heart for many years.”

You can check out the full interview here.

Burnslife is an organisation we’ve been involved with since their inception in 2015! At the time our client, Charlotte Adderley, was recovering from a serious burns trauma injury and during this process she connected with a number of other burns patients at the RWBH.

They started meeting together and found this group support invaluable to their recovery, allowing them to share their experiences in a space full of understanding, with patients and carers who were going through, or had gone through, similar struggles. Over this time, Charlotte and a number of other patients realised how important this group was, and identified that this support group was the only one of its kind in Queensland – a surprising fact given that the RWBH is a world class burns treatment facility and patients come to the hospital from all across Queensland (and at times, Australia).

So, in Charlotte’s own words:

“Burnslife started from myself and a group of patients getting together at the hospital… and we started sharing tips and tricks for our recovery… and then we made it official”

We we’re on board from the very start – recognising how valuable this organisation was to the community.

You can read more about Burnslife and who they are here.

It was an honour to bring these two incredible organisations together, and we hope that it was just the beginning – we’d love to see Burnslife down at the club again, engaging with this community and helping to spread information about the work they do.

Getting the word out about Burnslife is something we think is really important – while burns patients coming through the RWBH now have access to information about this group, there would be burn survivors who are unaware of this group and who could potentially find the support and kinship they’ve been missing on their burns journey.


The next big day with Burnslife will be the 2018 Bridge to Brisbane, which we’re already on board with again this year – looking forward to smashing out 10kms again and raising money for this amazing organisation!
We’ll keep you updated on the fundraising and our progress training for the big day!

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