Why We Love Supporting Brothers Rugby Club

As of this year, we’ve been sponsoring Brothers Rugby Club for a decade. This is a milestone we’re really proud of and a grassroots organisation that we’re honoured to support.

Our Director, Faran Gouldson, first started supporting the club in 2008, when his son Archie showed an interest in rugby and joined one of the junior teams. The rest, as they say, is history.

From his first weekends down at the club, Faran saw how important this grassroots organisation was to the area, the kids and the families. He saw that the club filled an important need in the community and provided ongoing opportunities for skill development, socialisation and friendship for all the players, parents and families involved.

As the club has grown and progressed, our sponsorship has grown and changed with them – currently we’re a Co-Major Sponsor alongside Ray White Ascot, which we stepped up to in 2016 and we haven’t looked back since.

To really understand how important this sponsorship is to us, we sat down with our Director, Faran Gouldson, to talk about what our decade supporting the club means to him and our upcoming charity day at the Club with Burnslife!

Brothers Prem Team

Why did you first start sponsoring Brothers?

My son Archie was playing at the club, and the parents I met through his teams were wonderful people. The club was a great family club then, and it has continued to evolve over the years. In the early days it was just about supporting the club, and getting a little bit of exposure via our logo on the boys shorts.

I love the club, what it offers all those who play the game, and come along to be a part of the community – which is why I’ve continued to support them year after year.

What do you like most about being involved with the club?

Some of my closest and best friends I’ve met through the club. I love the family time down at the club on the weekend. It’s great to see the younger boys sharing a story with the Premier players in the change room before the game or being ball boys for the game.

I’m also not against sharing a beer on the deck with fellow sponsors to cheer on the teams! They’re the best days!

What are you looking forward to most this year with the Club?
I’m passionate about two wonderful organisations, and on the 16th those two organisations, Burnslife and Brothers, come together for a big fundraising day for Burnslife down at Crosby Park.

Burnslife is an organisation, an initiative of the RWBH Foundation that assists burns patients and their families on their road to recovery and rehabilitation post-burn, through peer support, education, and care facilities.

I’m extremely excited to see both organisations benefit via the support of our local Brothers community.

What do you love most about supporting the Club itself?
The feeling of supporting one big local family, and being part of it for such a long time. Archie has played 10 years at the club this year and I’d love to see him play 10 more!

Do you see yourself continuing to support the Club into the future?
I’d love to be able to say in another 10 years that we’ve been, and continue to be, major sponsors of the Brothers Rugby Union Club.

As Faran mentioned, next month we’re thrilled to bring together two of our favourite organisations, Brothers Rugby Club and Burnslife in a Charity Fundraising Day for Burnslife down at the Club.

We’ve already spent some time with Burnslife down at the club, giving them a chance to get to know the players and the management team, and talking about the incredible work that they do for burns survivors and their families, across Queensland.

We’re looking forward to spending the day with them on the 16th of June, fundraising for the amazing work they do and connecting two amazing communities!

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