How a Car Crash Lawyer helped a Store Attendant get Car Injury Compensation

Being Injured In A Car Crash Is Harrowing. You Must Consider Your Financial Situation

Ms Durthy was a 31 year old sportswear store saleswoman.

On the 24th September, she was proceeding straight through an intersection in her two door sports car, when the driver of another motor vehicle made a right hand turn, failing to give way, resulting in a collision.

Ms Durthy was a single mother with two children. She could hardly afford time off work, which became somewhat necessary as a result of the injuries she suffered in the accident.

The following injuries were sustained by Ms Durthy in this two vehicle collision. She was attended to by ambulance officers at the scene and both parties made a complete police report.

  • Neck injury;
  • Back injury;
  • Right shoulder injury;
  • Bruising; and
  • Shock.

As a result of her injuries she suffered permanent impairment to both her neck and lower back. She did not require time off work in respect of her injuries. It was likely however, that her injuries would impact on her work capacity in the long run. A lot of her job involved lifting and unpacking stock, and standing for long periods of time.

How does a Specialist Car Crash Lawyer give assistance?

A claim was commenced against the Compulsory Third Party insurer for the party at fault. Approval was obtained from the insurer to fund the client’s rehabilitation. Expert medical opinion was obtained in relation to any permanent impairment from the injury and effect of injuries on work capacity.

This evidence, from leading specialist doctors confirmed that Ms Durthy had indeed suffered a significant amount of total body impairment.

Ms Durthy’s financial records were then retrieved and expert parties were called upon to calculate her past and future losses. Evidence was obtained in relation to both past and future out of pocket expenses.

The matter was settled for a significant sum. Court proceedings were issued but the matter settled out of Court, so it was unnecessary to proceed to Court hearing. Many people are apprehensive about initiating a car accident compensation claim as they are fearful of the court process, as it is unknown to them. Most car accident claims are settled professionally and quietly, provided that all of the evidence is accurate and truthful.

At the time of settlement the client was able to continue in her position as the manager of a sportswear store.

How did the Car Crash Lawyer help?

The client was happy with the result which enabled her to be compensated for her injuries and to move on with her life.

If you or someone you know has been disadvantaged in any way due to a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

Many cases are similar but at Gouldson Legal we recognise that each case is unique.

Speak to a lawyer for a free no obligation assessment of your claim.

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