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Car Accident Injury Compensation Claims-Case Study

Ms Major is a full time Vet in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane. She currently resides at home with her parents and brother.

Ms Major was involved in a two vehicle accident on 23 August 2008. The insured vehicle failed to give way to her, turning across the path of her vehicle.

Injuries sustained that required Specialist Car Crash Lawyers

Ms Major sustained multiple injuries as a result of the motor vehicle accident, including:-

  • Soft tissue injury to cervical spine; and
  • Musculoligamentous strain injury to the lumbar spine.

How Car Crash Lawyers can help restore financial losses as a result of a car accident

At the time of the accident Ms Major was a full time tertiary student undertaking a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at a Queensland University. She had completed one full time year of study, of a four year full time degree. Ms Major was also working on a casual basis at a produce store in Anstead whilst undertaking her bachelor degree.

Ms Major would generally work 18 hours per week at $14.72 net per hour, but would increase her hours to some 30 to 35 hours each week during university holiday periods. Her main duties included serving customers, merchandising, lifting and unloading stock, and general cleaning tasks.

Following the accident, Ms Major required a couple of days off work. She returned to work on light duties, however continued to suffer from neck and lower back pain.

Due to the ongoing pain she was experiencing and the associated occupational restrictions, Ms Major struggled to maintain her duties at the produce store. She found that her symptoms were particularly aggravated by long periods of standing and lifting produce.

To avoid aggravation of her symptoms, and in an attempt to mitigate her pain, she reduced her weekly hours significantly. Unfortunately, Ms Major’s pain persisted. In October 2008, Ms Major resigned from her position at the produce store.

In November 2008, Ms Major commenced casual employment as a Vet’s Assistant with a local practice. Movement into this role was a natural progression for Ms Major given her university studies. Her duties as junior veterinarian included assisting with the transfer of animals, giving injections, washing animals and stocking medication rooms. Despite her efforts to manage her symptoms, Ms Major found that she was only capable of working an average of approximately 3-4 hours per week in this role. Ms Major continued in this role until 19 August 2010.

Since graduating from her university studies, Ms Major has been fortunate to obtain a graduate role as a Vet with the Queensland department of Primary Industries. Despite an expectation that she is capable of completing all duties of a Vet, she continues to struggle with the occupational demands.

Despite currently working in this vet role, it is unlikely that Ms Major will be able to sustain such a position. She is simply no longer fit to meet the physical demands of such a role. It has been reported by Ms Major’s doctors, that she is in fact precluded (at least in the long term) from her career pursuits as a Vet working with large animals.

In the event that Ms Major is unable to continue in her career as a large animal vet, and is forced to retrain in a lighter more physically appropriate occupation, Ms would suffer a diminished earning capacity of up to some $450.00 net each week.

Even if Ms Major is able to sustain employment as a general practice Vet, she suffers ongoing physical impediments. She is

  • likely to require time off work due to her injuries;
  • likely to require regular breaks during her shifts;
  • unlikely to be in a position to accept overtime work;
  • not likely to be able to work as many hours as she otherwise would have been capable;
  • not capable of performing all of the duties required of her as a registered vet.

How Car Crash Lawyers can ease the burden

It has been recommended that Ms Major seek treatment from an occupational therapist and physiotherapist (at an annual cost of some $450 to maintain her current level of functioning.

It has been recommended that Ms Major undertake job seeker training and other further training to expand her skill base to assist her to gain alternative lighter employment. Recommended training includes completion of a Certificate II in Business Administration.

How to utilise proceeds effectively from a Car Crash Lawyers claim

Ms Major should undergo the rehabilitation treatment that has been recommended to her. Although it will not materially change her condition, such treatment is essential to maintain her current level of functioning.

To give her a better opportunity to secure more appropriate employment, Ms Major should also consider undertaking the job seeker training and further educational studies which have been recommended to her.

Things to do in a Car Crash Lawyers claim

  • Keep details of all time off work and lost income as a result of the accident. Provide us with details of same;
  • Keep details of shifts (including overtime work), she has to urn down as a result of her injuries;
  • Document tasks that she struggles to perform at work as a result of her injuries.
  • Provide us details of any employer that can confirm that she is having difficulties with her job as a result of her injuries.

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