Top 10 Things You Should Do After a Car Accident

There are a lot of things that are running through your head when you are involved in a car accident. After an accident you may be overcome with emotions as your body is flooded with adrenaline and you may be in shock. It is important to ensure you know how to react in these situations, so that you don’t act impulsively or incorrectly. Even simple ‘Fender Benders’ can become major headaches because regularly the process involves personal injury lawyers, insurance companies and a range of witnesses that may have different opinions of the events that occurred.

The following are the Top 10 Things you should do after a car accident has occurred:

1) Make Sure Everyone Inside the Car is Safe.

In a Car accident your safety and the safety of your passengers is your top priority. You need to make sure everyone is ok and dial 000 if you believe anyone is seriously injured.  

2) Make Sure Others are Safe by Protecting the Scene  

You need to turn on your hazard lights as well as set up something to show oncoming drivers that there has been a car accident along the road. You also need to make sure the driver and any passengers in the other car are alright. Please be careful not to step out onto the road or into traffic while you do this.  

3) If There are No Serious Injuries, you must Still Call the Police  

Safety is a priority so if you believe someone is injured, dial 000. If there are no serious injuries you still need to call the police to report the incident; whether it is a major or minor car accident. This will save you future paperwork if you need to proceed with a car accident injury claim.  

4) Make an Accurate Record: Take Pictures & take down Witness Details  

You need to document all of the things that happened in the accident, for reporting purposes. Its best that you note down what you believe occurred and look for witnesses that saw the accident. Take pictures of the visible damages and of the accident scene, as soon as possible so you don’t interfere with the police investigation when they arrive.  

5) Exchange Information with all Concerned Parties  

Most of the time the Police obtain this information but you should try to obtain the names, addresses, registration details, vehicle make/type/colour and telephone numbers of all concerned parties. You should also ask their insurance information.  

6) Report The Accident Once the Police Arrive  

Its best to report to the police what happened and not collaborate with, or admit guilt to, other parties involved. Be detailed on what happened and point out any witnesses that saw the crash. This will ensure that there will be fair report regarding the accident.  

7) Call Your Insurance Company  

Call your property damage insurance company; they will direct you on what steps to take, and take the relevant details from you to start you property damage claim.  

8) Seek Medical Attention and Get a Check-up  

You need to make sure that all members of the car crash are ok and did not experience any internal trauma or injury. If you or anyone else is injured it is best to wait until an ambulance arrives and have everyone seen to by the ambulance officers. Any major internal injuries need to be seen to immediately. Minor injuries need to be cared for as well. It’s best for the ambulance officers to decide. Afterwards you also need to consult a healthcare professional to manage your treatment after the ambulance or hospital has discharged you.  

9) Keep a File of all the Accident Related Documentation  

You need to keep all the documentation and information together in a file. This should include; the Police report number, Insurance Claim Number and receipts of all expenses incurred. You should also keep the names and registration details of all those who were involved in the accident; as well as witnesses details and any of your photos and notes of the accident.  

10) Call a Car Accident Injury Lawyer to Obtain Advice on What You Should Do  

You should consult a lawyer that specializes in Car Accident Injury Claims. Your lawyer can protect your rights and make sure you follow the correct procedure to commence a claim. Most car accident injury lawyers work on a No Win No Fee Basis which means no legal fee will be incurred unless your lawyer recovers compensation for the car crash or injury.  

If you have been involved in a Car Accident, or know someone who has, you should seek out confidential legal advice about your case and possible compensation. At Gouldson Legal we offer confidential, no obligation consultations with a qualified car accident lawyer. We also operate on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning you will only be charged if you successfully receive compensation.

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