Are these 4 concerns holding you back from talking with a compensation expert?

Apprehensive about talking to a solicitor about a possible compensation claim? You’re not alone. New enquirers are generally intimidated by the legal claims process and therefore attempt to self-represent, delay contacting a solicitor, or don’t bother claiming at all.
But, not seeking expert legal advice could mean you end up with nothing at all. So, we bumped heads and put together the four most common misconceptions people have about lodging a personal injury claim.

Concern 1: I have to pay for the initial conversation

Many enquirers resist contacting a lawyer about whether they have a right to claim for financial reasons. The misconception being that solicitors charge fees the moment they see or hear from you. But with no-win, no-fee arrangements, it’s not like that. If we sign you up as our client and eventually don’t resolve your claim – you don’t pay us anything. So, feel free to jump on the phone and have a chat without the worry of a legal bill you can’t pay.

Concern 2: I won’t understand the legal stuff

We get it – legal talk can feel overwhelming when you don’t know what’s going on. That’s why it’s important you partner with a people-focused solicitor who can clearly explain your claim process. It’s our mission to ensure our clients understand our advice and feel well informed about their claim process. This way, you’re comfortable giving us comprehensive instructions to help make the best claim for your situation. We’ll take care of you, and even sit down with you over a cuppa and explain the legal stuff in plain English.

Concern 3: My lawyer takes the biggest cut if I win

This one makes us cry into our morning coffee.

Unfortunately, some potential claimants think their in-hand sum will be eaten-up by legal fees and outlays and so choose to represent themselves to get a ‘greater cut’. Rest assured, there’s a 50/50 rule in place for speculative no-win, no-fee claims to protect you from dodgy operators. We go a step further to protect your interests with our 30% cap. With us, you’ll always come out on top.

Concern 4: I’ll be forced to go to court = time + effort + money

Not all personal injury claims end up in court, in fact, we reckon less than 1 in 100 claims go to trial. Queensland’s three compensation schemes are set up specifically to minimise the number of claims that run to trial, as they force the parties to exchange information early, and then later force the parties to engage in negotiations. Any party seen to have been unjustifiably unreasonable in this negotiation process can have costs awarded against them if the matter proceeds to trial. This is why it’s in your best interests to partner with a reliable solicitor who can guide you through the claims process and negotiate the best result for your situation.

Let us help you

The personal injury claim process can be lengthy and is considered bothersome by some clients. Our processes aim to ensure clients are able to attempt getting back on with life the best they can during the claim, reassured that we’re looking after a claim for compensation to make life easier in the future.

We often find we can put the new client’s mind at ease once they’ve had an initial consultation or telephone chat with us. Which is free, remember (see Myth: 1)? It might then seem like, all of a sudden, someone has lifted the weight off your shoulders and you know you’re being looked after.

Want to talk? Get in touch. We’re super friendly and helpful.

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