Why it’s worth getting a personal injury lawyer in Queensland

Is it worth getting a personal injury lawyer in Queensland?

Yes – absolutely; if you are injured either at work or on Queensland’s roads, you should consider getting a personal injury lawyer to represent you.  

Here is why it is worth getting a personal injury lawyer in Queensland: 

Queensland personal injury law can be confusing 

The laws covering personal injury compensation claims in Queensland are complex and can be confusing or daunting if you’ve been injured.  

This is where the expertise of a qualified personal injury lawyer is invaluable.  

Take Gouldson for example; all of our lawyers are specialists in Queensland injury compensation law, meaning we know our way around a case file intimately. We’ve seen everything from day-to-day car accidents to deeply complex cases with many moving parts.  

We have no offices outside of Queensland, and do not operate in any other state – so we can know Queensland law inside and out.  

No matter your case, one of our experienced and compassionate lawyers will be able to translate all the legalese into everyday English, keeping you in the loop at every step and ensuring you know what your options are at all times 

We’ll examine all angles to maximise your settlement 

Another key reason it’s worth hiring a personal injury lawyer is the fact we can examine your case from all angles, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from your settlement.  

What do we mean by this? You may be able to seek compensation for things you weren’t even aware of. Moreover, Gouldson can ensure you get the maximum compensation for things like: 

  • The cost of medical treatment now and into the future 
  • Ongoing and future rehabilitation 
  • Loss of income, both past and estimated future 
  • Care and support services costs 
  • General damages, including pain and suffering, reduction in quality of life 
  • Any other expenses, depending on your individual situation.  

In short, having a fully qualified personal injury lawyer represent you is the best way to ensure you get the maximum possible settlement.  

We handle the claim while you focus on recovery 

Your Gouldson personal injury lawyer will handle every stage of the claim, from bringing the claim forward all the way through to settlement, and beyond.  

While we will give you regular updates as to the progress of your claim, Gouldson gives you the peace of mind and the breathing space to focus on what’s truly important – your recovery. 

If we don’t win, you don’t pay  

Every single case we represent is backed by a 100% no win, no fee guarantee 

There’s no fine print here – if your claim is unsuccessful, you don’t pay a cent. 

Plus, Gouldson caps its fees at 30% of your settlement amount, which is up to 20% lower than most other firms. This is because, at Gouldson, we believe the bulk of your settlement should go to you.  

If you are considering hiring a personal injury lawyer, scroll down to the free case review below and get started.   


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