Popping out to see mum on Sunday? Stay safe on our roads.

Queensland just relaxed its COVID-19 contact restrictions to allow up to five members of the same household to visit another household for Mother’s Day. Provided there’s still no hugging mum, of course. 

They’ve even lifted the 50-kilometre travel limit. But before you go planning your great coastal escape, take note that this relaxation only applies if you’re visiting another household (which means you can’t run wild buying up all the lattes in a distant community). 

While the roads have been famously quiet these past few weeks-feels-like-year, you can expect with this announcement we’re going to see a lot more traffic and movement. Which got us thinking, has the coronavirus stay-at-home order made our roads safer? 

Unfortunately, road deaths have increased (slightly)

Despite a reported 30 per cent reduction in traffic on our major highways, and peak hour congestion being likened to a fancy-free Sunday drive, there has been a slight increase in lives lost on Queensland’s roads compared to last year. From Jan until 30 April, 68 lives have been lost. That’s eight more than the same period last year.

According to Police Minister, Mark Ryan, police on the ground have been reporting more people speeding (sometimes at “exceptionally high speeds”), while crash reports are showing that people aren’t wearing seatbelts. 

Bear in mind, your driving skills may be dusty after so many weeks in lockdown, or your mind might be overloaded with more stress than usual, as we all combat this drastic change in circumstance. If you plan on heading out this weekend with your family, it’s essential you are 100% focused and in control. 

Remember the fatal five

You can bet that police will be out in full force this weekend. Of particular concern and emphasis is the fatal five, which are responsible for 80 per cent of road fatalities. They include – 

  • Seat belt use
  • Speed
  • Fatigue
  • Driver distraction (definitely no mobile phones!)
  • Drink/drug driving. 

Take care on the road

While fewer vehicles are on the roads due to coronavirus stay at home orders, some drivers may see the opportunity to take risks, like speeding. So, please, we encourage you to take care on the roads, remember the fatal five, and stay off your phone. And say hi to your mum for us.

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