Truck Accident Lawyers

As a driver or passenger in a truck that has been involved in an accident on our roads, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. An initial free consultation with one of our truck accident lawyers will provide you with advice as to your rights to obtain compensation.

As a truck driver who has sustained injuries on our roads, your ability to earn income and provide for your family may be severely affected by the negligence of another driver. In those circumstances, it is important you seek legal advice to ensure you are compensated fairly and have the chance to return to work as soon as you are able.

In the event of a truck accident, your finances can be one of your biggest concerns – especially if you are unable to work. That’s why it’s comforting to know that all our claims (yours included) are run under our No Win, No Fee, No Problems Guarantee.

Truck Accident Compensation Process in QLD

The process of pursuing compensation if you have sustained injuries in a truck accident is not unlike the process for a driver of a car who has sustained injuries in a car accident. Truck accident claims are governed by strict time limitations, meaning that you should begin the claims process soon after your accident.

The first step is to meet with one of our truck accident lawyers for a free of charge initial consultation. We will provide advice on the costs involved, timeframes, prospects of success and the possible compensation recovered.

Once the initial claim form is served we would obtain a copy of medical records and arrange appointments for you to see medico legal specialists. This assist us to obtain evidence as to the extent of your injuries. This evidence will help determine the offer to settle that we would prepare on your behalf.

Our truck accident lawyers would then attend a settlement conference with you and the insurer in an attempt to resolve the claim and recover the compensation you deserve.

To get the truck accident claims process underway you can call and speak with one of our expert truck accident lawyers or submit a Free Case Review form and they will contact you.

Calculating Truck Compensation in QLD

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a truck accident, you are entitled to claim for a variety of compensation, or what lawyers call ‘heads of damage’. This includes compensation for any economic loss you have sustained now, or into the future. 

As well as your economic loss, compensation can also be claimed for the injuries themselves. This can include physical injuries as well as any psychological injuries. The graphic nature of some truck accidents can often mean psychological injuries are among the injuries sustained.

Our truck accident lawyers are skilled in ensuring these types of injuries are considered appropriately and compensated fairly.

Mobile Truck Accident Lawyers

Need a Free Case Review? We come to you, no matter where you are in Queensland.

We understand that you are likely in ongoing pain and struggling with the daily challenges of life post-accident. To ensure the entire legal process is as stress-free as possible, our lawyers will always happily come to you – either at the hospital, your home or a local café – wherever is easiest for you.

If you prefer to meet in one of our offices, you are always welcome at our head office in Brisbane CBD, or you and your lawyer can arrange an appointment at one of our many visited offices.

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