How to Claim Personal Injury Compensation

Know your rights.

If you have been injured in an accident which was caused through the fault, or by the negligence, of another person, you may be entitled to an award of compensation, including compensation for:  

1. Pain and suffering (also known as “general damages”);
2. Loss of income/earnings (both past and future);
3. Past and future care and assistance (both commercial/paid assistance and that rendered to you by family and friends);
4. Past and future out of pocket expenses (including aids, medication, and treatment expenses such as physiotherapy).  

In addition to this, you may be entitled to request that the insurer start to cover the cost of treatment and rehabilitation immediately, so that you are not out of pocket for these expenses.  

In public liability claims, the claim is brought against the person and/or entity responsible for the accident, and, if applicable, referred on to the public liability insurer.  

An experienced lawyer at Gouldson Legal can help you understand your legal rights and entitlements under injury compensation law, and will help ensure that your claim is brought against the correct party.  

Act immediately.

Personal injury claims are complex with strict requirements.
In Queensland, time limits apply to making a claim.
To protect your right to make a claim, consult with an experienced personal injuries lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.  

Obtain expert legal advice.  

When involved in an accident, many of us turn to our friends, family and work colleagues to find out what to do. And although you are entitled to bring a claim for injury compensation without legal representation, this often does not end well.  

Unfortunately, these claims can involve complex legal issues and there are many factors which need to be taken into account to maximise payouts under injury compensation law. Simply put, they need expert legal attention.  

Speak to an experienced personal injuries lawyer – we will explain the process and discuss your personal situation.  

Gouldson Legal offers an obligation free confidential legal consultation. If we advise that you have no personal injury claim there will be no charge. If we advise you to proceed, we will only charge you if you successfully obtain personal injury compensation. We will cover the cost of outlays associated with your personal injury claim e.g. medico legal reports which will then be deducted upon success of your personal injury claim.  

Only accept a fair compensation offer.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for insurers to make offers of settlement in the early stages of a personal injuries claim. Often, these offers are made before you have had an opportunity to be properly assessed and before the true impact of your injuries and your ensuing losses are realised.  

Unfortunately, a settlement in an accident claim is a once and for all settlement. This means that there is no second bite of the cherry and you can not re-open your claim at a later date to seek further or additional compensation. So by settling a claim in its early stages, a Claimant is only causing him/herself hardship by accepting less than adequate payouts under injury compensation law.  

What do I do now?

contact one of our expert injury lawyers to discuss your claim as strict time limits may apply.
We don’t run cases – we help people.  

Gouldson Legal specialise as Injury Lawyers in Brisbane on a No Win No Fee basis.

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