How Gold Coast Personal Injury Lawyers can Maximise your Claim

Three things that the best Gold Coast personal injury lawyers will do to make sure your claim is maximised.  

It is an unfortunate reality that a large number of people who suffer personal injuries cannot afford ‘up-front’ or ‘pay as you go’ legal costs.  

A ‘no win – no fee’ costs agreement gives people with limited finance access to justice. This type of agreement enables them to engage a lawyer to help them pursue their legal rights. They pay the lawyer only after their case is settled or otherwise decided.  

But don’t be fooled, not all ‘no win – no fee’ lawyers on the Gold Coast operate in the same way.  
Below are three things that only the best Gold Coast Personal injury lawyers will do to make sure you get the best result possible:  

The Best Gold Coast Personal Injury lawyers will thoroughly investigate your accident.

Understanding the circumstances of your accident is one of the most important parts of your claim.  

An experienced personal injury lawyer will make extensive enquiries with police, potential witnesses and any other relevant authorities to make sure they are fully informed on what led to you being injured. They will go the extra mile to obtain evidence such as photographs of the damage to your car to show the other side how serious your accident was.  

Many personal injury lawyers on the Gold Coast will not take the time or effort to do these things which will probably lead to you not getting what you deserve in your hand.  

The Best Gold Coast Personal Injury Lawyers will get the best ‘Expert’ opinions.

Only the best personal injury lawyers on the Gold Coast will be able to properly identify the medical specialists you need to see in order for your injuries to be assessed properly.
A good solicitor will know when it is in your best interests to engage other experts such as engineers or accountants.  

The Best Gold Coast Personal Injury Lawyers will get the best Barristers on your case.

Experienced personal injury lawyers know barristers usually increase the prospects of settlement and maximise the amount of damages recovered in a claim. It also assists you to have the option of an experienced trial advocate to ascertain your likely result of trial (if for some reason it went that far).  

If you have sustained injuries as a result of an auto accident, Gouldson Legal will consult with you and tell you whether you have a claim on a “no obligation” basis and if so, offer to act for you on a “no win no fee” basis. No upfront costs.  


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