Five Keys: Understanding WorkCover

These five keys will help you unlock the mystery of WorkCover and allow you to access the correct amount of compensation for your injuries.

“Workers” who are injured while on the job are generally entitled to claim compensation but there are traps that could see the unwary miss out on being properly compensated.  

If you use these simple keys then your compensation won’t be locked away from you in a maze of red tape.  

1. WorkCover Key One: Lodge a Claim early.
Lodge a “worker compensation” application with your employer’s insurer as soon as possible. In Queensland, that insurer is most likely going to be WorkCover Queensland but it may not be;  

2. WorkCover Key Two: Get your Doctor involved early.
Ensure you tell your doctor that your injuries happened at work and that you have lodged a worker compensation claim. The doctor should send his/her invoice directly to the insurer and you will not be out of pocket.;  

3. WorkCover Key Three: Get all other rehabilitation specialists involved early.
If your doctor refers you for a course of rehabilitation (such as physiotherapy) then you should similarly tell the rehabilitation provider that you have a “worker compensation” claim open – they too will send their bill to the insurer directly;  

4. WorkCover Key Four: Get medical certificates straight away if you are absent from work.
If you need time away from work because of your injuries you need to make sure that you have a current medical certificate from your doctor for those absences and that you provide that to the insurer. If you do not, then you may not get paid for the time away from work;  

5. WorkCover Key Five: Get a specialist WorkCover lawyer involved immediately.
Always ask questions about what further compensation entitlements you have; however, the problem is that your employer and its insurer may not always want to tell you that. That’s why you should call a lawyer who practices in personal injuries law for assistance. You may be entitled to common law damages in addition to the “worker compensation” you are receiving. Only an experienced lawyer can tell you whether you have grounds to bring a claim.  

For more information on work related injuries click here: Workers Compensation Claims or Contact Us for advice about your work injury.  

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