Top 5 Mistakes Tradies Make When Injured at Work

Our tradies, whether they’re carpenters, plumbers, factory workers or another of the countless different jobs, keep Australia moving.  

Unfortunately, tradies consistently rank as some of the most-injured professions in Australia.  

With so many injuries, come lots of workers’ compensation claims.  

Here at Gouldson, we know tradies workers’ compensation claims inside out, helping thousands of tradespeople across Queensland get the maximum compensation they are entitled to.  

We’ve also come to understand the top mistakes tradies can make that affect their end-sum amount. So, to ensure you don’t do the same thing, here are the top 5 mistakes tradies make when injured at work.  

1. Not telling your employer 

The first step to any successful compensation claim is to inform your employer of your injury as soon as possible. Generally, you or your HR department will fill out an injury report. Ensure whoever fills this out does this as accurately as possible.  

Obviously, your health always comes first, so make sure medical attention is your first priority.  

With this in mind, in Queensland, there are time limits that apply to workers compensation claims. So, report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. If you are ever unsure, get in contact with an expert compensation lawyer from Gouldson.  

2. Not visiting a doctor and getting medical documentation  

You should always seek medical advice before beginning with a compensation claim.  

Ensure you visit your local doctor, ER or other medical professional, and obtain medical documentation that detail the extent of your injuries. This documentation is very important in the compensation claims process, and helps us build our case when we act on your behalf.  

If you are unconvinced with the doctor’s assessment, we recommend always getting a second opinion.  

3. Not following the doctor’s medical advice 

For the sake of your health and your potential compensation claim amount, ensure you follow the medical advice of your doctor.  

If you have been injured at work, disregarding or ignoring the advice of your doctor is one of the major ways to lose or lessen your potential compensation amount.  

To put it simply, do what the doctor orders!  

4. Accepting an offer before speaking to Gouldson  

There are two stages to a workers’ compensation claim, the statutory claims stage and the common law damages stage.  

At the end of the initial stage, you will be offered a lump-sum compensation amount from WorkCover Queensland or your employer’s self-insurer. It is important you do not accept this amount until you have spoken to an expert lawyer from Gouldson.  

If you accept this initial sum, you may be prevented from accessing further compensation.  

5. Trying to process the claim yourself 

While you are more than able to submit a claim yourself, enlisting the help of expert compensation lawyers through Gouldson puts you in the best position to receive the maximum amount of compensation possible.  

This is because we can analyse your case from all angles and consider aspects of your claim that you may not even think of. Furthermore, our experience as compensation lawyers means we know Queensland law inside and out.  

In short, we make it the claims process as easy as possible, ensuring you get the outcome you deserve, while you focus on what’s really important — your health!   

Start with a free case review today 

At Gouldson, we firmly believe every Queenslander is entitled to the legal representation they deserve. That’s why we offer a free, zero-obligation case review to every Queensland tradie – regardless of their occupation or situation.  

Once you have submitted your claim, one of our expert injury lawyers will review your case and let you know whether proceeding with a compensation claim is in your best interests.  


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