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We’ll give you a voice and ensure it’s heard.

Let’s face it, if you’re here checking us out then you’re probably having a rough time. We’d like to make things a bit better.

At Gouldson Legal, we aim to provide the best legal experience possible while helping you to go through your worst experience.

When we take on cases, we’re wholly committed to our focus on the people behind the paperwork. So, don’t be surprised if we end up feeling more like a trusted friend (who happens to know a lot about compensation law!).

Not convinced?

Check out the video and hear it straight from our clients.

How do we put you first?

Well, when you talk, we listen. That’s a given.

And, every single case we take on is covered by our No Win No Fee No Problem Guarantee.

Many firms will only apply their No Win No Fee if they believe you qualify for it, meaning your financial position is assessed and judged. We don’t think this is fair. We know that even if you are doing okay today, tomorrow may be a different story. We want you to be okay today, tomorrow and every day after.

We also have a 30% Cap on fees. This is 20% lower than other major firms and makes a major difference to your final settlement amount.

Everyone gets a free case review, for any case they bring to us.

At Gouldson Legal every client is entitled to and will receive a free case review, for any case they have.

If you call us about something that happened at work, and then need to talk about something that happened on our roads, you can do so, both times, for free. That’s another guarantee.

Have a story you need us to share?

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Katie and Tom’s Story

Our client Katie was just out for a run when the worst happened. Katie and her husband Tom share the story of the day everything changed.

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Why Choose Us?

We have built our processes around you, our fee cap is 20% lower than other firms and our No Win No Fee Guarantee applies to every case.