Pedestrian Injury Lawyers

While we should all feel safe on our roads, especially as a pedestrian, accidents do happen. If you have sustained an injury as a pedestrian in Queensland, by way of being hit by a vehicle, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Thankfully, even if the injuries were caused by a vehicle that didn’t stop at the scene of the accident, you will still be able to pursue compensation. In that instance, a pedestrian accident claim would be brought against the nominal defendant, as a hit and run claim.

In the event that the vehicle that hit you did not flee the scene, you will almost always be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries. The pedestrian accident claims process is something that one of our pedestrian accident lawyers can talk through with you.

In the event of a pedestrian accident, your finances can be one of your biggest concerns – especially if you are unable to work. That’s why it’s comforting to know that all our claims (yours included) are run under our No Win, No Fee, No Problems Guarantee.

Pedestrian Compensation Claims Process in QLD

The compensation process for pedestrian accident claims is not dissimilar to the process for a driver or passenger of a vehicle that sustained injuries in a car accident.

This process will involve an initial free of charge consultation with an expert pedestrian accident lawyer at our firm. In this we would provide initial advice as to the next steps, prospects of success, and likely timeframes of the case.

The claim process is governed by strict timeframes so it’s important to begin the process quickly following your accident. Typically you only have 9 months from the date of accident (or 1 month after contacting a lawyer) to start your claim.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers would fight to ensure liability is admitted by the insurer.  We would then obtain medical evidence to help quantify your injuries and the financial loss you have sustained.  Our pedestrian accident lawyers would then arrange and attend a settlement conference with the insurer to resolve your claim.

The important first step is to get in contact with one of our expert lawyers to understand what your options are.

Calculating Pedestrian Compensation in QLD

There are a number of avenues for compensation that your pedestrian accident lawyers can claim for you.  The amount of compensation you will be able to access will depend on a number of different factors and your final compensation amount will be unique to you and your injuries.

The areas that are assessed when calculating your compensation include – compensation for pain and suffering, compensation for economic loss (if your injuries affect your ability to earn income now and into the future), your medical expenses and also any gratuitous care and assistance you may have received from friends or family.

In addition to obtaining compensation, our pedestrian accident lawyers can ensure that you have any treatment expenses paid for by the relevant insurer.  This might include physiotherapy, chiropractic care or even surgery if required.

By getting your claim underway quickly, it is likely that your lawyer will be able to organise the funding of your rehabilitation with the insurer before you begin your rehab – meaning that you won’t be out-of-pocket for these costs.

To have a free, confidential discussion with one of our expert pedestrian accident lawyers give us a call or submit one of our Free Case Review forms and we will contact you.

Mobile Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

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