It’s National Law Week!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas – it’s National Law Week!

And just as the accountants get to party like it’s EOFY, Law Week is the time our lawyers get to shine.

Law Week is celebrated across Australia to help the community better understand law, its role in society, and the legal profession. There are often a bunch of events held across the state that offer to connect the community with local legal services, and you might even score a behind-the-scenes tour of our courts and learn the inner workings of the justice system.

2019 Campaign focus

This year, the Law Council of Australia used Law Week to raise awareness of the health of the justice system (specifically, under-funding) and its impact on the health and wellbeing of lawyers, judges, and clients.

Lawyers work long days in high-pressure environments. As community service providers, they tend to over-commit to job demands, and we’re witnessing a rise in mental wellbeing issues across the justice system.  

This is one reason why we’re pro-work-life balance in our workplace. It’s why we have our birthdays off to spend our special day as we please. It’s why we celebrate happiness and wellbeing – we’re all too aware of how much our health and wellbeing is impacted as we campaign for justice.

Law Week in Queensland

The Department of Justice used Law Week to run a campaign to educate Queenslanders about new laws covering image-based abuse (aka revenge porn). Because of our increased use and access to technology, legislation now exists to protect victims from this growing form of abuse, which means it’s a criminal offence for someone to distribute or threaten to distribute intimate pics without consent. Win!

There have also been many events across the state to help educate and improve public understanding and perception of our justice system. It’s not too late, check out the event calendar.

Community access to legal advice and representation

We’re a nation of convicts (mostly) so it’s no wonder there’s some confusion and mistrust of our justice system. But there needn’t be.

In Queensland, everyone has access to qualified legal advice and representation, even if you’re vulnerable and disadvantaged, with places like Legal Aid and community legal centres. Some lawyers offer pro bono work as their community contribution (where they don’t charge).

If something is bothering you and you’re not sure of your legal rights, you can always reach out to one of these services for free advice before starting any kind of claim.

Connect with us

At Gouldson Legal, we offer a free initial consultation over the phone or in person to help you understand your position. If you choose to work with us, we then offer a no-win no-fee guarantee which means if we don’t resolve your claim, you don’t need to pay us anything.  If you’d like a (free) informal chat with one of our experts, connect with us. We promise you’ll feel more informed and (hopefully) have peace of mind how to move forward with your claim.


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