Bridge to Brisbane: Why we do it and What it Means to Gouldson Legal

To much of Brisbane and Queensland, August revolves around the Ekka and Ekka public holiday. At Gouldson, August means one thing – getting up before the sun and hitting 10km worth of the city’s pavement, as part of the Bridge to Brisbane. 

The Bridge to Brisbane is an annual longdistance fun run that has raised over $10 million for charity since it began in 1997. Over 30,000 participants each year choose between a 5km route or, like Gouldson, tackle the 10km. 

Why do we do all this? To raise money for the Burnslife program – our official charity partner. 

Both Burnslife and Bridge to Brisbane are close to our hearts and have intertwined themselves into the fabric of Gouldson Legal

While the Queensland Government’s most recent lockdown has thrown the event into doubt for the second year in a row, we still are making every effort we can to raise much-needed funds for the Burnslife program and all the amazing work they do. 

After all, while the pandemic may have temporarily changed the way we live our lives, the need for financial and emotional support of burns victims remains the same.   

Gouldson Legal team Bridge to Brisbane 2017
The team at the 2017 Bridge to Brisbane.

Our story with the Bridge to Brisbane 

Our relationship with the Bridge to Brisbane started all the way back in 2016, seeing a mix of staff and their families getting up before the sun to participate in a great cause.  

Since then, our involvement with the Bridge to Brisbane has only grown. Now, almost every staff member walks, crawls or runs the 10km to show their support for Burnslife 

The Bridge to Brisbane itself has a long and proud history of raising funds for Queensland charities. First held in 1997, the charity run has boomed to become one of Brisbane’s most recognisable and well-attended events.  

The Bridge to Brisbane is the also Burnslife’s major annual fundraiser, so it is a major focus for both them and Gouldson to raise money for the burns ward.  

While the fate of the Bridge to Brisbane is in doubt again, we are confident this institution of the city will be back again to raise money for a myriad of charities, including Burnslife 

Who is Burnslife? 

Started in 2015 under the RBWH Foundation umbrella, Burnslife is a support program that assists burns patients and their families through the rigors of rehabilitation and the tough road to recovery. Burnslife supports the Professor Stuart Pegg Adult Burns Unit, a major referral centre for Queensland, Northern Territory, Northern New South Wales and even the Pacific Islands. 

The recovery process for severe burns can be deeply traumatic for both the victim and their families. Burns victims undergo a gruelling rehabilitation process which is physically, psychologically and socially debilitating.  

The Burnslife program assists patients and families through peer support, education and care facilities. But – what makes Burnslife special is that almost all the volunteers are burns survivors – outpatients, supporting and inspiring people currently going through rehabilitation. 

Gouldson and Burnslife

Gouldson was introduced to Burnslife through a past-client and one of the founders of the program, Charlotte.  

Charlotte and her partner Andrew realised there was, outside of the operating theatre, a gap in the rehabilitation process for burns victims and their families. This included education and emotional support for burns survivors and their families from burns survivors. 

Having a positive network of fellow burns survivors around you can be invaluable for people who are feeling isolated and struggling with their injury. Working together, Burnslife volunteers and burns patients map out a plan towards getting on with life as a burn survivor.  

The work of CharlotteBurnslife and the burns ward is truly inspiring, and we’re proud to do what we can to support the amazing work they do.  

As of August 2021, Gouldson, in conjunction with our Gouldson community, has helped raise approximately $100,00 for Burnslife, with this sum growing every day. 

How you can help

Even though the Bridge to Brisbane is in doubt again this year, there are still ways you can support the Burnslife program.  

If interested, you can donate directly to Burnslife through the RBWH website.  

Alternatively, we encourage all our clients who have had successful claims outcomes to consider donating towards this cause — and many do! These donations are then bolstered by Gouldson’s commitment to match each and every client contribution – cent for cent.  

Ultimately, just because marquee fundraising events are cancelled, does not mean that the work of Burnslife stops, nor does your ability to donate and make a real difference. That’s why we encourage everyone to support Burnslife’s mission of providing all-encompassing support programs to burns survivors 


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