What to Expect When You’ve Been in a Car Accident

Being in a motor vehicle accident can be stressful and is generally a sudden emotional shock. Depending on the severity of the crash, your health and your life can be seriously affected long after impact.  

Although it’s impossible to fully prepare yourself for the aftermath, in our experience, claimants can usually expect to encounter one or more of these things.

What to expect if you’ve been in an accident

1. Physical injuries

This one seems most obvious, so we’ll start here first. Motor vehicle accidents involve sudden impact that can jolt, scratch, or break parts of your body. Whiplash is a commonly associated injury, though sometimes it can take a few days for symptoms, like neck pain or headaches, to present. 

While most times, people can recover from minor injuries within a few weeks, it’s the enduring injuries that can result in lost wages, higher or ongoing medical expenses, and/or rehabilitation. 

Your chance of success in claiming damages for injuries sustained during an accident will likely depend on the severity and duration of the symptoms suffered. Our experts can help you understand your options and obligations when you first get in touch to discuss your claim.

2. Emotional effects

Shortly after your accident, it can be expected you might feel emotions like shock, anxiety or anger. Accidents are sudden and taxing and it may take some time to adjust in the aftermath. These initial feelings should eventually subside as you find a way to get back on with your life, once the car is repaired and insurance has been dealt with. 

Sometimes psychological injuries, like depression or trauma or anxiety, can develop and it may take longer for you to heal. This can start impacting on your day-to-day life, and you become unable to perform your job or care for your children. If you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms, please seek help from a professional* who can help you with your recovery. 

Once your mental health is being cared for, you can talk to us about including psychological injuries as part of your claim.

3. Lack of recognition from ‘the other side’

In our experience, one of the most unsatisfying parts of a claims process can be the behaviour shown from the ‘other side’. Some drivers and/or insurers will dispute the compensation claim amount, including vehicle damages and injury-related costs, or even refuse to admit fault. This can feel disheartening and distressing and increase feelings of anxiety. 

When you work with our compensation experts, we manage the claim on your behalf, reducing your emotional stress and ensuring you receive a reasonable amount that you’re entitled to. 

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