5 Car Accident Claims Myths: Busted

Car insurance covers everything! Read on and you will find out that this, alongside at least one or two of the myths you’ve overheard at some point in time are exactly that; myths! Here’s the thing: when it comes to motor vehicle accidents, getting your facts straight is crucial for understanding what you could be entitled to and we would rather not beat around the bush when it comes to clarifying matters to help those who need it most. This is why we’ve compiled (and busted!) 5 car accident claim myths to help inform our readers.

Rear drivers are always at fault in rear-end accidents

If you’ve even been in this situation before, you can understand the sheer frustration you feel when you have run into the back end of the vehicle in front of you at no fault of your own. The common misconception is that the rear vehicle driver is at fault in an accident like this but it is not always the case. For a multitude of reasons from the front vehicle not having operating brake lights, to dangerous and aggressive driving or failing to indicate before changing lanes, there is more than one instance where the front driver is at fault.

“I was a passenger in the accident, so I can’t claim”

Wrong! Passenger accident claims happen far more than you may be led to believe. If you have been injured while riding as a passenger in the vehicle, you could be entitled to personal injury compensation. The claim will be against the insurer for the at-fault vehicle, so depending on the circumstances, it could be against the driver of the vehicle you were a passenger in, another car, or a combination of both.

“I didn’t suffer any physical injuries, so I can’t claim”

Wrong again! While physical injuries appear as the most obvious reasons for compensation, there could be serious psychological injuries take place that are equally as damaging. Car accident psychological injury claims may be recovered by-way-of pain and suffering, past and/or future economic loss calculated by the amount you would have received for wages, etc, and past and/or future special damages for medical appointments, pharmaceuticals.

Car insurance will cover everything

This is very much dependant on your level of coverage, however, regardless of your insurance, there will be no cover for consequential loss e.g., income, medical bills, hire car.

Don’t get lawyers involved, it will cost you more than it’s worth!

We’re more than a little aware by now that people tend to put legal advice in the ‘too expensive’ or ‘unnecessary’ pile, but we are here to shed some much-needed light on both of those points. For starters, when a firm uses the tagline ‘no win, no fee’, it almost always means exactly that. There are no hidden fees that pop up during your claim and certainly none at the end of your case if it is unsuccessful. Another key factor to look out for is how much your lawyer will take if your accident claim case is won. At Gouldson, we cap our fees at 30%, so regardless of how much work is put into your claim on our end, 30% is the most you’ll be paying us.

Secondly, there are times when the help of a motor vehicle accident lawyer is your best option for you if your insurer is not providing you with the coverage you were expecting, or you have been injured and require compensation to pay for medical appointments, hospital bills, and psychological damage.

Motor vehicle accidents can be stressful and devastating for all parties involved, and the myths surrounding them don’t help with the process. Utilising the legal services of our friendly lawyers, who prioritise your well-being could be the ticket to receiving the entitlements you are eligible for as well as minimising further stress. Reach out today and find out how we can help take the weight off your shoulders.


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