How to triumph as the designated driver

Aah, summer. A time for connection with friends and loved ones. A time for celebrating with a long list of invitations to Sunday pub sessions, pool parties, barbeques and pool party barbeques. It’s a fun time of year which can see people drinking more alcohol than usual. But unfortunately, it can also see a higher number of people driving under the influence. 

Some not so fun driver habits

Roughly 7% of Queenslanders admit to driving when they are over the alcohol limit, while 18% admit to driving the next day when they may be over the limit. Worryingly, 31% of 18-24-year-olds in Queensland report driving the next morning when they may be over the limit.*

In Australia, the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) for unrestricted licence holders is 0.05g. That generally equates to one standard drink, although there are many factors that can influence your BAC, such as your gender, weight, height and age. It’s not much. 

This is why we love our gallant designated drivers. Because they take away the temptation to drive irresponsibly by being a responsible chauffeur.

In an effort to champion more designated drivers this summer and help a #liftlegend out, we’ve put together three tips to ensure you triumph. 

1. Commit to your DD status in advance and know your guests

Whether you were roped into being the designated driver by shameless, yet convincing friends or you’re happy to have an afternoon off serious drinking – you’ve accepted a very important responsibility. 

To help you keep you word, work out your lucky guest list in advance and keep it tight. You don’t want to feel pressured to take more passengers than you have car seats (and seatbelts). And you want to know who to round up when time comes for you to say ‘goodnight’!

2. Never ever ever ever drink

“Just one” soon becomes, “just one more” and then it becomes a very sad story indeed. When you agree to be the designated driver, you’re accepting responsibility for the safety of your significant other or others, friends and family who are relying on you to get home. 

Reluctantly accepted your noble DD status? 

If you think you might be tempted to have “just one” while under the influence of a fun party atmosphere, then BYO favourite non-alcoholic drink or whip up some magic mocktails to keep yourself content. 

3. Make your own rules 

Your car, your sobriety, your rules. Prepare yourself for claims to shotgun and backseat drivers who, despite being inebriated, still presume to know ‘the best and fastest way’. Remain firm. You choose the route and you set the conditions for passengers in your car. 

  • Seatbelts. 
  • No booze. 
  • Arms and limbs inside at all times. 

These are all chargeable offences, and it’s doubtful your grateful friends want your saintly service to end up with criminal charges or fines. 

Don’t forget to have fun

Think of the perks! Not only will you wake up the next morning headache free, you’ll also save a bunch of money, too. But the wins shouldn’t come at the cost of having fun. So, commit, plan ahead and remember to have fun.

* Source: Footprints Market Research, Understanding Risky Driving Behaviour, March 2018

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