Filing Personal Injury Claims in Regional QLD

The vastness of Queensland is incomprehensible. In fact, Queensland is larger than all but 15 countries! It’s no surprise that Queenslanders who live in the more remote parts of our state may feel isolated from the services that those of us in the city take for granted.  

Workers in regional Queensland, whether in farming, mining, fishing, or other industries, face additional risks that their urban counterparts do not. Moreover, nearly two-thirds of all fatal road crashes in Australia occur on regional and remote roads, despite less than one third living in these areas.  

Fortunately, you can make a claim through Gouldson Legal no matter where you live in Queensland. From Cape York to Goondiwindi, Mt. Isa to Mackay, Gouldson Legal can represent you.  

Can I file a personal injury claim if I live in regional Queensland? 

Yes – absolutely!  

No matter where you are in regional Queensland, Gouldson Legal can represent you in both Workers’ Compensation Claims and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims.   

We’ll meet with you — whether it’s in person, by video conference or by a phone call — to get to know you, your injury and your situation.  

What are the most common injuries in regional Queensland? 

For regional Queensland’s many farm and agriculture workers, one of the predominate factors in injuries and fatalities is machinery, like tractors, and quad bikes and motorbikes.  

Despite this, the nature of agricultural work — handling livestock and heavy machinery — coupled with the isolated environments of many of these properties create a situation where risk is ever present.  

As we touched on earlier, regional Queensland carries disproportionately high injury and fatality rates. These are due to high-speed limits, fatigue on long drives, animals and again, the isolated environments.  

Will I need to travel into the city for my claim? 

No – for most personal injury claims you will not be required to travel into the city or regional centre.  

Your personal injury lawyer will be able to handle every stage of the claim, including the paperwork and legal processes.  

This lets you focus on your recovery and getting back on your feet.  

What is the average payout for a personal injury claim in Australia? 

Due to the varied nature of personal injury claims, it is difficult to offer an average payout estimate.  

If, however, you get in contact with Gouldson Legal, one of our expert injury lawyers will be able to calculate an estimate based on updated information and all relevant medical information.  

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to seek compensation for: 

  • Treatment and rehabilitation costs – i.e., physiotherapy or pharmaceutical costs.  
  • Past and future loss of income if you are unable to work, including lost superannuation.  
  • Impact on your quality of life, including pain and suffering, mental distress etc.  

The best way to get an estimate of your payout is to get in contact with a personal injury lawyer from Gouldson today.  

What are the chances of winning a personal injury claim? 

At Gouldson, we have an incredible record of winning cases for our clients and have been recognised in Doyle’s Guide as a leading Queensland law firm for 7 consecutive years.  

We’re confident in our ability to best represent you and your case. Moreover, we will always take the time to meet with you first, get an understanding of your case, and let you know whether filing a claim is in your best interests.  

Finally, you can rest assured knowing that every client we represent is backed by a no win, no fee guarantee. There’s no fine print here; if you don’t win your case, you don’t pay a cent.  


Get specialised advice about your claim today, from one of our expert lawyers – totally free.

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