Faran Gouldson

Faran has been in the legal game for 23 short years and is the driving force behind our innovative, people focused approach. He commenced Gouldson Legal in late 1998 with the sole aim of providing a specialist personal litigation service that focused on people.

When he isn’t in the office leading our impressive legal team, he can be found somewhere close to the beach with his three children, surfing and taking in the sunshine.


Australian Lawyers Alliance
Queensland Law Society
American Trial Lawyers Association

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.

It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Vivian Green

Awards & Recognition


  • Leading Queensland Asbestos & Dust Diseases Compensation Law Firm (Plaintiff), (Doyle Awards)
  • Leading Queensland Work Injury Compensation Law Firm (Plaintiff), (Doyle Awards)


  • Leading Queensland Work Injury Compensation Lawyer (Plaintiff), (Doyle Awards)
  • Leading Queensland Public Liability Compensation Lawyer (Plaintiff), (Doyle Awards)


  • Leading Queensland Work Injury Compensation Lawyer (Plaintiff), (Doyle Awards)
  • Leading Queensland Public Liability Compensation Lawyer (Plaintiff), (Doyle Awards)
  • Recommended Queensland Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Lawyer (Plaintiff), (Doyle Awards)


  • Leading Brisbane Medical Negligence Compensation Lawyer (Plaintiff), (Doyle Awards)
  • Leading Brisbane Workplace Compensation Lawyer (Plaintiff), (Doyle Awards)

Everything was done very professionally by Shane and his team. [They] always treated me with respect.

Nothing needs changing!


Carl Hughes and the team have been fabulous!

Thanks again for the support in handling my case.


Thank you so very much! Myself and partner can’t thank Kaine enough for everything he has done for me during this time as it wasn’t easy at all, but we are so very pleased to finally put this behind us and move forward!!

Thank you so so much Kaine, we truly appreciate everything you’ve done!!


Your attitude towards me was very fair and human, having in mind that my English is very poor, I did not for one moment felt discrimination in this regard, on the contrary, you were full of understanding.

Thank you very much.


My wife and I were happy with the outcome. My case was complex but you helped me understand everything.

Your firm achieved an outcome that helps give us our lives back. We are forever appreciative.


Firstly your legal representation has been nothing short of 110%… I would not have trouble recommending you to anyone and I would not hesitate using your firm again if required in the future.

I thank Kaine, Faran and any others who have helped to get a win for the little guy.


I would like to thank Shane for his excellent service. He’s been incredible during the whole process.

We do not charge, if you do not win. No Win, No Fee. Simple. A qualified lawyer will meet with you, answer your questions and discuss the merits of your claim.
Get a free case review
At Gouldson Legal every client is entitled to and will receive a free case review, for any case they have. You can call and speak directly to a lawyer or submit a free case review form and have a lawyer call you.
We have a 30% Cap
This is 20% lower than other major firms and makes a major difference to your final settlement amount. Our 30% cap ensures that we are always taking the smallest amount, not the largest.
Each case is managed by one lawyer and two legal assistants only. This ensures you will deal with only three people; the same three people who are intimately familiar with your case.
We won’t be strangers
Each client gets contacted once a month at a minimum to ensure you are always kept up to date and to give you peace of mind that your case is being carefully monitored and managed by an expert.
We talk in English
We get it – legal talk can feel overwhelming when you don’t know what’s going on. That’s why it’s important you partner with a people-focused solicitor who can clearly explain your claim process.