What to do if Your Uber is Involved in a Car Accident

Knowing what to do if you are injured in a rideshare car accident could save you time, money, and, sanity. Most importantly, yes, you are covered by both the Uber driver’s compulsory third party insurance and Uber’s $20,000,000 liability policy should the unfortunate event of an accident happen while you are a passenger in a rideshare. With the increase in usage of Uber and its competitors not looking to dwindle anytime soon and the and even in the midst of a global pandemic, the chance of accidents and passenger injuries also increases.

Step 1: Even if you just think you’ve been injured, get medical attention

While some injuries may not be obvious and you could feel physically fine, it is incredibly important that you seek medical attention for any potential injuries sustained in the accident. Keeping track of these medical records is critical for the supporting documentation should you file a claim in the future. You will also want to get the details of everyone involved whether actively or as witnesses (where possible); photos of licenses, photos of the incident, and it doesn’t hurt to write down key facts relating to the accident while it’s is fresh in your mind and it’s possible to do so.

Step 2: Report the incident to the police

Your next step will be to report the incident to the Police immediately and, if necessary, call 000 in the case of an emergency. It may seem as though this onus should fall on the driver, or the responsible party, but even as a passenger, you still have the right to contact the police and inform them of the accident details which you’ll want to do sooner rather than later.

Step 3: Seek legal guidance if needed

Making a personal injury claim is the next step in receiving compensation for any expenses that are either directly related or as a result of, the accident. Seeking the assistance of a motor vehicle accident lawyer can help you navigate the often stressful and emotional personal injury claim. The added bonus is that you will have someone on your side who has dealt time and time again with the beast that is insurance companies who also have their own legal team of advisors. Even when you may feel as though the accident is ‘fool-proof’ as to who was at fault, these situations can be unpredictable and every detailed is taken into consideration to reach the outcome of your claim.

If you file a claim, the claim is filed against the insurer, not your Uber driver

An important note in these instances is that your claim is made against the insurer of the at-fault driver and not the person themselves. For accidents in ridesharing vehicles, this might not matter too much, but injuries occurring in car accidents when a friend or family member was driving can make the situation tense. Additionally, keep in mind that these claims have strict timeframes and must be lodged within nine months from the date of the event.

In the early days of Uber launching in Queensland, there were concerns surrounding the safety and insurance levels that existed to protect customers. While the discussion was almost set in motion by Taxi drivers and companies who wanted to maintain their monopoly, it did put pressure on rideshare corporations to uphold transparency on their processes.

On the flip side, if you have been in an accident with an at-fault rideshare driver and your vehicle has been damaged, your insurer will be responsible for claiming compensation from their third-party insurer or the driver. In terms of immediate actions after the accident, the steps outlined above will still be the best to follow.

We exist to do the best possible work for our clients and get them the results and compensation they deserve when accidents happen. Passenger injuries can be confusing no matter the circumstances of who was driving and who was at fault. If you have recently suffered an injury as a passenger in a rideshare car accident, get in contact and find out how our team can help you.


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