Serious Injury Claims

Serious or catastrophic injuries ruin lives. If you have sustained an injury as a result of the negligent conduct of someone else, you may have a right to seek compensation for the impact the serious injury has, and will have, on your life.

Serious injuries can be sustained in motor vehicle accidentswork accidents, in public places or places under control of another, as well as a range of other types of accidents across all our injury compensation areas. If you or someone you love has experienced a catastrophic injury due to someone else’s negligence, we can help.

What are Catastrophic Claims or Serious Injury Claims?

Generally, catastrophic or severe injury claims are true to their name; serious and severe in nature, causing catastrophic damage to the injured, mentally, physically and financially. The types of injuries or accidents typically classified as serious or catastrophic are;

  • Spinal; such as paraplegia, quadriplegia and tetraplegia
  • Amputations; due to injury or accident
  • Brain damage; causing ongoing issues with function, speech and/or learning, including those resulting in coma.
  • Psychiatric; severe and debilitating mental and psychiatric injuries
  • Other; severe and seriously life-altering injuries such as serious burns and electrocution.

Catastrophic claims are not typically handled as a separate claims process, rather is an identification of the severity of the accident or injury. These claims usually fall under one of the existing schemes for accident or injury, such as Motor Vehicle AccidentWorkers’ Compensation or Public Liability.

If there is no identifiable party at fault, and therefore no negligence, you may also be able to submit an Injury Super claim. This is something we can assist you with and you can read more about TPD super claims here.

How do catastrophic claims differ from other personal injury claims?

Typically, catastrophic or serious injury claims are identified as such due to the serious impact it has upon the injured. These claims see traumatic and life altering injuries, which often completely offset your life path. Often, the recovery time is never-ending with continuous care and treatment required.
One of our serious injury lawyers will review your case on a No Win No Fee basis and will also inform you whether you have a claim. This is a part of our Free Case Review process, and something we offer for each and every case; because we want you to move in the best direction, even if it isn’t by opening a claim with us.

Serious Injury Claims Process in Queensland

Regrettably, you have sustained serious or catastrophic injuries through a workplace accident, public place accident, motor vehicle accident, poor medical advice or procedure or in another way which has greatly impacted your life.

Catastrophic and severe injuries will have a major impact on your life, the lives of your family and friends, and are very complex cases to undertake. It is important to speak to one of our experienced serious injury lawyers so that we can assist you to get the compensation that you deserve.

How Serious Injury Compensation Gets Calculated in QLD

If you have sustained a serious or severe injury, the damages you are entitled to recover as compensation will depend on how your accident occurred, for example at work, in a car accident or otherwise.

Usually, catastrophic or serious injuries will prevent you from returning to work permanently. Often, there will be extensive medical and rehabilitation expenses involved, home modifications may be required, and there will be substantial care and assistance required for everyday activities and transportation. This will place a major financial strain on both you and your family.

It is important that you speak to one of our expert serious injury lawyers so that we can ensure that you are receiving the care and treatment that you require, prior to ensuring that you obtain the compensation that you need and deserve to get things on track moving forward. The compensation you receive from your serious injury claim will be calculated according to how you sustained your injury.

You can find our different legal services, relating to these accident types here.

As there are strict time limitations which apply to serious injury claims, we encourage you to speak to one of our experienced serious injury lawyers as soon as possible.

Call today or fill out a or fill out a free case review form for a free, confidential conversation about your options going forward.

Mobile Serious Injury Lawyers

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Spinal Injury Claims
Have you had an accident and suffered a spinal injury? You may be able to claim compensation.
Brain Injury Claims
Have you or a loved one suffered a brain injury? You may be able to claim compensation.
Neck Injury Claims
Have you had an accident and suffered a neck injury? You may be able to claim compensation.

Common Questions:

There are varying degrees and types of Serious Injuries. These may include head and brain injuries, back, neck or spinal cord injuries; including paraplegia and quadriplegia. Loss of limbs, loss of vision, serious disfigurement; including severe scarring or burns, and serious internal injuries are included under Serious Injury Claims. This type of injury also includes permanent, severe mental or behavioural disturbance disorders and psychiatric injuries. It also covers children born with birth defects. If you are fortunate enough that your injuries are not that serious you may still be entitled to a claim. Call us and one of our compensation experts will discuss your claim. You will be able to speak directly with a qualified lawyer, who understands the complex workings of Personal Injury Claims in Queensland.

You are entitled to claim for a range of compensation, as the damages for serious injuries are extensive; aiming to compensate for the drastic impact that the injury has had on your life. This includes; home modifications, vehicle modifications, specialised technical, visual and hearing equipment, rehabilitation equipment and sexual dysfunction aids. You may also claim for support and medical expenses such as; medical and pharmaceutical supplies, physiotherapy costs, nursing, attendant care, supervision, respite or support worker care as well as commercial costs such as; lawn mowing, cleaning and maintenance costs. Loss of wages, pain and suffering are also damages for which you may claim. As the injury may also have several future implications you may claim; future medical and rehabilitation expenses, future loss of wages or impact upon your capacity to work, as well as future care and assistance; including commercial assistance costs that will be provided.

Gouldson Legal operates on a No Win No Fee basis. Depending on the circumstances of your loved ones accident a range of alternative steps may be required. This may depend on if they were injured in a road accident, at work or elsewhere. The steps that need to be taken are critical, and early expert advice is important. We recommend you contact us urgently and speak to one of Gouldson Legal’s expert serious injury lawyers.

As Gouldson Legal operates on a No Win No Fee basis you are entitled to a no obligation consultation. A qualified Gouldson Lawyer will meet with you, answer your questions and discuss the merits of your claim, for no charge! If you proceed with your claim, you will only be charged if you successfully receive compensation. Our professional fees are charged at a competitive rate, not a percentage of your damages. Those fees are capped at 30% of your final compensation payout, ensuring you won’t be left wanting. If you would like to get this process started, you can do that here.

very claim is as individual as the person making it. There are many variables with every case that can shorten, or prolong, the time it takes for a decision to be made. Get in touch with the team at Gouldson Legal to find out what you can do to fast track your claim today!

This is a question that every client asks! It is also a question that is impossible for any compensation lawyer to answer accurately, at such an early stage. The extent of compensation will depend on the severity of your injury and the impact it has on your circumstances. This will be an important issue for you, so talk to one of Gouldson Legal’s expert lawyers today – get in quick as strict time limits apply to claims!

Yes, strict time limits apply to all types of personal injury claims; you have 3 years from the date of the accident within which to issue Court Proceedings. Generally, you will need to lodge a Notice of Claim Form in accordance with the relevant pre-court process and then serve the Notice on all parties you believe to be at fault for causing your injuries. This must be done within varying periods, depending on the type of claim, it can be; as early as within 9 months of the accident or within 3 months for certain car accident cases; or within one month of retaining a lawyer. To ensure your claim is not held up by complications, contact Gouldson Legal as soon as possible.

Where Do I Begin?

Depending upon the circumstances of the accident, whether it be in a road accident, at work or elsewhere, we recommend you or a family member obtain as much detail regarding the accident as possible.

Contact Gouldson Legal and speak to one of our team of expert compensation lawyers. 

They will start the claims process within 48 hours as strict time limits apply.

Ensure you receive the very best ongoing medical treatment and advice. You will need to obtain medical evidence to show that your injury is a direct consequence of the incident. 

Don’t forget to also look after yours and your family’s emotional health during this difficult time. Visit our Support Groups page for more information.

Expect to receive regular phone calls and correspondence from Gouldson Legal, keeping you up to date with how your claim is progressing.

In between phone calls, concentrate on getting better.